Does Tong Bingyu feel awkward filming intimate scenes with Thomas Ong? 童冰玉、王沺裁拍亲热戏很尴尬?!

4 Mins

By Toggle Published: 12 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

The cast of 'Mightiest Mother-in-Law' are here for the press conference. Will Paige Chua and Chen Li Ping forgive a two-timing boyfriend? Does Jeffrey Xu plan to propose to Felicia anytime soon? Find out in this exclusive interview with them.《最强岳母》主要演员出席记者会。另一半出轨,陈莉萍、蔡琦慧会原谅他们吗?徐鸣杰打算跟陈凤玲求婚吗?点击看专访!

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