Ian Fang: I want to find a girlfriend this year! 方伟杰:今年我要找到我心目中的女朋友!

6 Mins

By Toggle Published: 11 Feb 2017 Audio: Cantonese;Chinese;Hokkien

Director Royston Tan, Ian Fang, Zhang Yaodong, Marcus Chin, Hong Huifang, Liu Ling Ling, Chen Tianwen and many more artistes are at Bedok Town Square for the ‘Eat Already? 2’ Media Launch! Watch this video as the cast talk about how they are being ‘fined’ on set! 导演陈子谦、方伟杰、张耀栋、陈建彬、洪惠芳、刘玲玲、陈天文等演员们出席了在勿洛市镇广场所举行的《众星团圆贺元宵》活动!《吃饱没?2》的演员们都在片场上收到“罚单”?立刻点击观看视频!

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