Why has Mark Lee been called 'Superman' and 'Singapore's answer to Jacky Wu'? 李国煌受封“超人”以及“新加坡版吴宗宪”!

6 Mins

By Toggle Published: 10 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jeremy Chan, Henry Thia, Marcus Chin, Michelle Tay and many more artistes attended the grand opening of Mark Lee’s new company, King Kong Media Production! Watch this video as Marcus Chin talks about what made him declare himself as the newest artiste to join Mark's agency! 田铭耀、程旭辉、陈建彬、郑荔分等艺人出席李国煌新公司的开幕典礼!陈建彬单方面宣布当李国煌的艺人?! 立刻点击观看视频!

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