Ladder 49

110 Mins
Coarse Language 不雅语言

Published: 01 Feb 2017 Audio: English

What does it take for a man to run into a burning building when everybody else is running out? Why do firemen leave their families each morning to risk their lives for strangers? “Ladder 49” is an exciting, powerful film that celebrates the ordinary men who put everything on the line everyday. The film chronicles Baltimore firefighter Jack Morrison (JOAQUIN PHOENIX) as he makes the transition from inexperienced rookie to seasoned veteran. As he struggles to cope with a risky, demanding job that often shortchanges his wife and kids, he relies on the support of his mentor and chief, Mike Kennedy (JOHN TRAVOLTA) and his second family – the brotherly bond between the men of the firehouse. But when Jack becomes trapped in the worst blaze of his career, his life and the things he holds important – family, dignity, courage – come into focus. As his fellow firemen of Ladder 49 do all they can to rescue him, Jack’s life hangs in the balance.

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