Crime Investigation Asia

Crime Investigation Asia - EP17

The Pickup Truck Killer
47 Mins
Graphic Visuals - 写实画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Feb 2016 Audio: English

For a year, a serial killer roamed a remote highway between Bangkok and Southern Thailand. His victims were all truck drivers, poisoned by a deadly pesticide and dumped roadside while the killer stole their vehicles for cash. He asks the drivers to stop at a gas station while he buys them coffee. The drivers drink the brew and after a few kilometers fall unconscious at the wheel. The victims wake in the morning to find themselves by the side of the road, both car and client gone. Using footage from the security cameras at the gas station, survivors identify the man that had drugged and stolen their cars. Police eventually track him down in Bangkok; In total, Nirut killed 5 people.

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