Dream Coder 梦想程式 (HD)

Dream Coder 梦想程式 (HD) - EP14

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jianming encounters Kay, who reveals he has broken up with Xiuxiang. Meanwhile, Xiuxiang acts like nothing has happened and continues to show concern for Jianming. He is touched. Hongyi takes Huixin and Yuchen to meet a group of young entrepreneurs. Motivated when they share their experiences, Huixin and Yuchen decide to continue to pursue their dreams. Zhenlong is uncomfortable about the warm interaction between Fang Ru and Jianming. Zhenlong and Ruiqing have dinner together. Both sense a huge change and try hard to accommodate each other. Zhenlong tells her frankly that he has someone he likes. Hongyi wants to court Yayun but Zhenlong thinks they are not suitable for each other. Jianming is touched when Xiuxiang tries to enter his life by learning to use all sorts of apps and playing the games he has designed. He creates an animated message and apologises to her. Zhenlong expresses his love for Fang Ru but is rejected. She collapses suddenly and he panics.

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