Egyxos - EP26

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 09 Dec 2014 Audio: English

A misterious eclipse affects Egyxos. In the meantime, many openings compare on the desert and, from the depths, colossal stone warriors arise to protect them. According to Osiris these phenomena have to do with the awakening of Ra! Exaton comes to the same conclusion, but, to prevent the awakening of Ra, he decides to launch an attack to Egyxos. To avoid a fatal defeat, Kefer asks Leo to go in search of the room where Ra rests: only the boy, with the eye of Ra, can awake the father of Egyxos so that he puts an end to the fight. The mission of Leo is successful and the arrival of Ra stops the struggle between the two armies. Exaton, defeated, is exiled, while Ra returns to reign over Egyxos. Kefer is ready to set off on new adventures and explorations beyond the borders of the Sand Ocean. The father of Egyxos gives Leo the eye of Ra enriched with new powers and the title of Heroic Pharaoh. Leo accepts the gift and the responsibility that it involves: he will always be ready to rush to the aid of his friends Egyxos, whatever happens. Leo returns home and during the match, the coach calls him to play in the crucial moment. Leo is ready to play at his best, knowing that he has a world of adventures waiting for him...

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