Going Miles , Spreading Smiles - EP1

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 15 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

After watching a documentary on the Payatas Slums, Kok Siong's heart was touched. He decided to start his first voluntary work in 2010, and did whatever he could to help the poor living at Payatas. Without any support or financial assistance, Kok Siong traveled alone to the slums in Payatas, a place where even the locals stay away from. Most of the residents have insufficient money to feed their family members and could only consume one or two meals a day. Sometimes, these residents had to even resort to scavenging unwanted food from the dumpsite to feed their kids. Undeterred by the nasty smell and filthy environment, Kok Siong do his best to visit each and every scavenger homes. He cared for and assisted the needy families by donating old clothes, toys, and most importantly, daily necessities such as rice and groceries. 由废弃物堆叠而成的房子、空气中弥漫着浓厚的霉酸味,这里就是菲律宾首都马尼拉的郊区、柏雅塔斯垃圾山贫民窟。 拥有40多年历史的柏雅塔斯垃圾山,面积相当于32个足球场,人口更多达30万人,其中百分之八十的居民,都在垃圾山工作,靠捡垃圾为生。对拾荒者而言,大家丢弃的废物,成了他们爱惜的黄金,而垃圾山就是他们黄金宝地。 这个无人敢接近的「地狱之门」,义工林国雄却一个人走进去了。2010年因为在网络上看了关于垃圾山的纪录片,而深深地被触动,国雄开始了他的公益事业,每年定期到当地捐米助贫。 在没有任何机构的赞助、没有资金的支持下,他自掏腰包,远赴垃圾山散播爱心。他不怕脏、不怕苦、不怕累,为的就是这群被边缘化的垃圾山贫民,以实际行动,温暖他们的心。

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