Golden Rainbow Mandarin Audio - EP3

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 20 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Hanzhu is unable to make ends meet. Yizhao and Shilian suggest that Hanzhu gives Lingyuan up for adoption and send the others to an orphanage. Lingyuan overhears the adults’ conversation and leaves home sadly. When Lingyuan returns home safely, Hanzhu assures the children that he will not abandon them.汉柱捕不到鱼,很难维持家计。亿兆和世莲劝汉柱将零元送给别人领养,然后把其他孩子送到孤儿院。零元听到大人们的对话,难过地离家出走。零元安全回家后,汉柱向孩子们保证绝对不会抛弃他们。

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