Kyle XY S4 - EP10

Bringing Down the House
42 Mins
Some Mature Content 些许成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Nov 2016 Audio: English

Cassidy reveals to Kyle that although Jessi was viewed as a flawed experiment, the Latnok wishes to re-start their birthing experiment in hopes of creating clones of Kyle. Cassidy shows Kyle the rebuilt pod, which Mark, Nate, and even Kyle, unknowingly contributed to making. Cassidy blackmails Kyle to go along with the experiment in exchange for not telling anyone that Kyle killed Jessi - or so he thinks. Kyle devises a plan to destroy the formula and the already existing fluids for the pods. Amanda reveals to Kyle that she found research on Kyle and Adam Baylin in Nate’s dorm room and learns he could be a danger to Kyle. In an attempt to steal Nate’s research with Jessi’s help, Nate catches Amanda snooping and Jessi’s cover is blown. In a final showdown between Kyle and Cassidy, Cassidy reveals that that Grace Kingsley, Cassidy’s mother, was also the donor in Adam’s experiment, therefore making Kyle and Cassidy brothers.

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