My Ghost Story S1

My Ghost Story S1 - EP6

25 Mins
Horror 恐怖画面;Supernatural Content 灵异题材

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Dec 2015 Audio: English

Model, TV Host, Actress Mandy Chen had experienced the unexplained when she was a little girl, but nothing like what she experienced after acting the role of a spirit of a raped and murdered victim who is hungry for revenge. After filming a scene near a temple where a body of a murdered girl was believed to have been dumped, Mandy was followed by a curious girl spirit. Karen and her five flat mates had just moved into their new college hostel in 2004. Since that night, many hauntings began and all six flat mates have been spooked by the supernatural. After a day out snapping photos in and around Rifles Range Road, avid photographer, Terence reviewed what he captured on camera that day and was shocked to see a hand with long finger nails appear on a photo taken at the old Gun Club.

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