My Ghost Story S2

My Ghost Story S2 - EP8

Past Life Promise, Inneke's 3rd eye, Ghost that Followed
24 Mins
Horror 恐怖画面;Supernatural Content 灵异题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 04 Dec 2015 Audio: English

Past Life Promise Palm and Neung were both taken aback by their sister, Song's sudden change of personalities overnight. When asked about her actions, Song had no recollection of them. After frequent possessions, the siblings summoned the spirit and they learnt that this spirit had sworn to protect Song. Inneke's 3rd Eye Inneke Indriyani's third eye develops as the years passed. After being visited by restless souls one night, she realized that they meant no harm and only appeared to seek her help. Her husband, was spellbound and only after seeing evidences of the shaman and djinn photographed by Inneke, he began to believe her. The Ghost That Followed Farn's life changed after challenging himself to visit a haunted house to find proof that spirit exists. He became lifeless. His sister Pui was warned to bring Farn to the temple to cast away the spirit within 7 days or he would die.

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