Save With Jamie S1

Save With Jamie S1 - EP6

47 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 30 Nov 2014 Audio: English

In this episode – in which the average price of the recipes is just £1.89 per portion – Jamie cooks up a glorious pot roasted Ham Hocks with parsley sauce. But uses his oven at the same time to roast a butternut squash, which he then turns into a stunning Squash and Spinach Rotolo. He knocks up an incredible Steak and Chips, a dish you’d never believe possible on a budget, but brings it in at just over £2.00 a head by using a super-tasty but under-used cheap cut of beef. And shows a takeaway lover how to make beautiful Sweet and Sour Fish Balls for a fraction of the price of her usual Friday night Chinese fast food treat. Plus Jamie surprises a pair of food wasters in their home and shows them how to make delicious things from the salad they normally chuck away. With sumptuous, affordable dishes at its core, this series is for anyone who wants to save money by learning how to shop smart, cook clever and waste less.

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