Weekly Top Five w Tabitha

Weekly Top Five w Tabitha - EP3

4 Mins

By 987TV Published: 15 Nov 2016 Audio: English

987 X Jonsson Don’t you just love it when your hair looks ON POINT?! In this ep of #987WeeklyTopFive with Tabitha and special BFF guest Sonia, we gon’ show you how to keep your hair looking guuuuud all the time! *flips hair* A FREE VE Protein® Scalp Treatment for you, just SMS 987(space)name to 75858 RIGHT NOW!!! P.S. Look out for the LAST clue hidden in the vid! Have you found all 3 yet? Watch the other videos here (https://youtu.be/2uh65MEKvFU?list=PLu0niQoXyAtTq6JgJY58yU0hLhvWCHU5X).

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