Paige Chua: “I’m too manly, so I’m not afraid of Tong Bing Yu!” 蔡琦慧:我太man了,不怕被童冰玉打!


提供: Toggle 发布: 12/01/2017 声道: Chinese

Chen Li Ping, Paige Chua and Tong Bing Yu are involved in a cat fight on the set of upcoming Channel 8 drama ‘Mightiest Mother-In-Law’! Watch the three share about the “third party” in their relationship with their respective partners! 陈莉萍、蔡琦慧和童冰玉在8频道新剧《最强岳母》的拍摄现场“大打出手”!她们感情里的第三者是…?立刻点击收看!

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