Dream Coder - EP8


提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/02/2017 声道: Chinese

Yayun tells Zhenlong she appreciates what he has done for her and promises to pull herself together. Guangda is notified that he is being hired by Began Apps. When he starts work, he realises it is all a mistake; he has not been hired. He begs Jingcheng to give him a chance but is rejected. However, Hongyi gives him three months to prove himself. Zhenlong notices that Guangda is not at all IT savvy. Nonetheless, he gives the latter encouragement. Jingcheng knows Zhenlong is having financial issues and offers him a loan. Zhenlong asks him to consider hiring Yayun as a data analyst. Xiuxiang shares with Fang Ru that she has difficulty communicating with her son, Jianming. Fang Ru suggests starting with Jianming’s interests. Yayun begins an online business. Little does she expect to find that the beauty products she has ordered are fakes. Zhenlong and Fang Ru go to a park to test the SOS app. She slips and falls into a drain. As he pulls her up, they fall into an embrace and she finds her heart racing.

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