Take A Break! - EP7


提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/02/2017 声道: Chinese

Join the two sisters, Quan Yi Fong and Vivian Lai as they wander around Khao Yai. How will they spend their carefree 4 days 3 night surrounded by Hobbit's houses and castles? Don't forget to catch an episode filled with lots of laughter! 权怡凤与赖怡伶这对好姐妹,到泰国的小欧洲-考艾进行4天3夜的减压之旅,她们去了英国、意大利、古堡,还去了哈比人的家!最美的地方,最合拍的伙伴,和她们一起,走一趟充满欢乐笑声的难忘旅程。

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