Wolf Warrior II  战狼II Trailer

Wolf Warrior II 战狼II Trailer

Coarse Language 不雅语言;Violence 暴力画面

By Toggle Video Published: 24 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

Leng Feng (Wu Jing) was experiencing the lowest point of his life at the vast ocean near Africa. Depressed, he thought he would rather drift for his whole life. An unexpected accident ruins his plan, and he is forcefully brought into an African civil war. Wolf Warrior IIis the sequel of box office hit, Wolf Warriors, which earned over 500 million RMP in China. Wu Jing personally directed and acted in both films. 故事发生在非洲附近的大海上,主人公冷锋遭遇人生滑铁卢,被“开除军籍”,本想漂泊一生的他,正当他打算这么做的时候,一场突如其来的意外打破了他的计划,突然被卷入了一场非洲国家叛乱,本可以安全撤离,却因无法忘记曾经为军人的使命,孤身犯险冲回沦陷区,带领身陷屠杀中的同胞和难民,展开生死逃亡。随着斗争的持续,体内的狼性逐渐复苏,最终孤身闯入战乱区域,为同胞而战斗。

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