This Mother’s Day, join us in saying ‘I Love You’ and take up the #ILoveYouMumChallenge with the rest of Singapore.


1. Share a photo or video of you saying I Love You to your Mum
2. Hashtag #ILoveYouMumChallenge and post on Facebook and Instagram
3. Make sure your post is public.

Terms & Conditions
· Winners will be contacted through their social media accounts through direct private messaging.
· The winners will be contacted before 20 May 2018. Winners who do not respond by 27 May 2018 will forfeit their chances and prizes.

  • Channel 8
  • Suria
  • Vasantham
  • Channel 5

TX Period or Event date: Debuts 10 Apr, every Tues 8pm on Channel 8
Synopsis: Every episode, a child renovates a beloved item of furniture for their mother. At the end, the child will say I Love You to his/her mom.
TX Period or Event date: Friday, 11 May 9pm on Suria
Synopsis: ‘Bonda’ traces the life of Suzana who has a chronic illness of Bipolar Disorder for many years before she finally manages to control her condition. Her mother, Saadiah, the primary caregiver stayed by her side and continued to love her unconditionally. When she finds out that her daughter, Roziah, shows symptoms of panic and anxiety disorder, it is her turn to care for her daughter.
TX Period or Event date: Sunday, 13 May 9pm on Vasantham
Synopsis: Parvathy is an independent woman, whose two children are married and living separately. When Parvathy is diagnosed with dementia, she realises that she has limited time to spend with her children before she forgets them. Her daughter, Aksharah, is distant towards her as Parvathy was very critical of her. Will Aksharah be able to resolve her differences with Parvathy before Parvathy loses herself totally to the illness?

TX Period or Event date: Debuts Wednesday, 11 Apr 930pm
Synopsis: In this new variety show, Andie Chen works with celebrity parents on some of the parenting challenges they're currently facing. Basically issues that will resonate in the hearts of all parents out there, like yourselves! Getting your kids to eat vegetables? Or perhaps cleaning up after themselves? Overcoming stranger anxiety? ‘Super Mum Super Dad’ has got it covered.

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