118 Reunion 118 大团圆 (TIF)

118 Reunion 118 大团圆 (TIF) - EP23

Finale 大结局
45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

It is Lunar New Year's Eve. Shun Shui and Ke Ai show up and announce their plans to get married. Mei Zhen also shares news that Shun Feng is going to be a father. Shun Feng is over the moon after hearing the news. 除夕夜,大家忙碌地准备着团圆饭。顺水和可爱突然出现,宣布婚事,令大家又惊又喜;美珍证实有喜,顺风当爸爸的愿望得以实现;臭小子找到一份投资顾问的工作,金枝病情稳定,人也变得愈来愈坚强;姗姗终于减肥成功,但似乎又怀了第二胎。

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