118 S2

118 S2 - EP205

22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Deng Bo informs Jin Zhi that Chou Xiao Zi seems to have lost the will to survive and that she is the only one who can help him. Jin Zhi is overjoyed to find out that Chou Xiao Zi is still alive. Deng Bo convinces Chou Xiao Zi to meet up with Jin Zhi. 邓波告诉金枝说臭小子已没有时间,因为他似已失去生存下去的意志,只有金枝能帮到他。金枝获知臭小子尚在人间,激动不已。邓波说服臭小子和金枝见面,金枝终于见到臭小子,两人恍若隔世。

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