2589 Days Apart 2589的距离 - EP2

16 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 19 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

德禄在薇薇的循循善诱下,成绩进步了,情愫也在二人间暗生。德禄邀请薇薇和Michelle来看他的田径比赛,不料德禄被嫉妒他的同学整,在起跑器上做了手脚,让他起跑时跌倒,得不到冠军!德禄愤怒激动,想揍对手,但及时想起薇薇的教诲,收敛怒气,让薇薇很是欣慰。 Under Wu’s guidance, Zheng has made remarkable progress. This is most evident in his improved academic scores and as a result, the bond between them strengthens. Buoyed by his improvement, Zheng invites Wu and Michelle to watch him race. But after a jealous team mate tempers with his starting block, Zheng misses his start and fails to clinch the gold medal. This provokes Zheng into a rage but the angry teen remembers Wu’s advice and manages to keep his cool. Wu witnesses this change and is heartened.

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