2589 Days Apart 2589的距离 - EP5

第五集 (最终回)
16 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 29 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

匆匆两年过去了,薇薇越发颓废不振,屡次找工作都碰钉。这天,她面试失败,在电梯里遇见意气风发的德禄。一股自卑涌上心头,不敢和德禄相认,匆匆奔出电梯。2589天又过去了,转眼就过了14年。德禄来到当年邂逅的地方,薇薇躲在一角偷看他,看到他英俊倜傥,拿着花在等候。薇薇犹豫了很久,终于作了决定... At 40, Wu is a shadow of her former self. Unemployed, unmotivated and unsuccessful, Wu fails over and over to land a job. After yet another failed interview, she bumps into an adult Zheng. Ashamed, she takes pains to avoid him. Another 2589 days pass by. It’s been 14 years since Zheng first visited the track hoping to meet Wu again. Despite trying to forget her, Zheng cannot and thus returns to the track, this time with a bouquet of roses. Unknown to him, Wu is also present to fulfil the promise she made to Zheng 14 years ago. She sees him, no longer as a teenage boy, but as a handsome, successful man who is still waiting for his lost love. Afraid at first, Wu hesitates, but finally, she makes up her mind...

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