29th February 229明天见

29th February 229明天见 - EP20

Finale 大结局
45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Zheng Fang and the rest attempt to look for Mr Zhu in the hopes of finding a way back to the real world. They go to the painting shop only to find the door locked. Mr Zhu is not working that day. Zheng Fang and Zhi Xin have no choice but to try to find their own way to return. They suddenly recall the terrorist attack that would occur on that day and find ways to prevent it. However, in order to save someone, Zheng Fang sacrifices himself... Will Zheng Fang survive and make it back to the real world to reunite with his family ? (大结局)正方等人找朱老板寻求回去之法,却见画店大门深锁,朱老板竟然休假。正方和知新只好自己尝试回去,却想起恐怖袭击一事,决定去阻止。不料正方为了救人,却牺牲了自己…正方是否能安然无恙,回到现实世界与家人团聚?

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