29th February 229明天见

29th February 229明天见 - EP6

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Zheng Fang and Zhi Xin are still stuck in the seemingly never-ending loop. Zhi Xin pushes his responsibility of saving Zhi Hui to his good friend Wei Xiong, who is fond of her. Zhi Xin proceeds to go off and have fun on his own. Coincidentally, he bumps into Shuang Ying at a bowling alley and finds out that she has another suitor, Kelvin. However, Zhi Xin is no match for Kelvin. Zheng Fang successfully proves his innocence to Shu Jun and manages to earn her forgiveness.正方和知新的日子依旧重复。知新把守护知慧的任务交给喜欢知慧的伟雄负责,自己则去玩乐。他在保龄球场巧遇霜影,看到她有另一名追求者Kelvin。但知新球技不佳,难以和对方抗衡。正方则成功证明自己的无辜,获得淑君谅解。

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