29th February 229明天见

29th February 229明天见 - EP7

45 Mins
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Shu Jun is trapped in the loop as well. She follows Zheng Fang's instructions and goes to a cardiologist for a check-up. However, they are not able to find out the cause of her heart attack. Zhi Hui does not believe her family's story of being stuck in the same day, but as the events predicted by her brother unfolds before her and she witnesses her mother's death, she has no choice but to believe. The next day, Zhi Hui wakes up to find that she is also trapped in 29th February.淑君也一起受困了。她配合正方的安排,接受心脏专科医生的检查,但找不出病因。知慧一开始不肯相信亲人受困的事,直到知新的预言一一实现,她亲眼看着母亲死去,才总算相信。第二天,知慧也一起受困了。

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