80's Rewind

80's Rewind - EP13

The Krispy Krickets
22 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 07 Jul 2016 Audio: English

Loud make up ! Shoulder padded dresses ! Big hairdo with fountain fringes ! Walkman ! Cantonese drama serials, Speak Mandarin Campaign, Save Water Campaign, tree planting, Talentime, The POSB Show, Friday Background, oversized baggy pants, Michael Jackson, Bananarama, video rental, casette tapes, chewing gum in lifts, local dramas like Flying Fish and The Perfect Match ! Go down memory lane with Larry Goh (played by Gurmit Singh) as he and his family (his wife, mother, sister, and two sons) grapple with Hong Kong drama serial craze, government campaigns like Save Water, Courtesy and Speak Mandarin campaigns. Embrace your inner “cheese” with the SBC dancers, and loud hairstyles, bright leotards, bangles, chunky earrings, clunky handphones, pagers and aerobics. The 80's is definitely staying alive in this family comedy, set in when else but the 80's ! The comedy is drenched in nostalgia with the interweaving of actual footages of the shows and events that happened in the 80's. For instance, the 80's Rewind characters can be seen in the 'studio audience' of the POSB Show, and can be seen participating in the POSB draw. 80's Rewind is a history lesson peppered with humour. A memory trip of our obsessions, our idiosyncratic and very Singaporean concerns and an appreciation of how far we have come, and how some things never change, like family. While you feast your eyes on the fashion and faux pas of that era, we hope that you will be reminded of the value of neighbourliness and family support; two areas which are in danger of being lost in the fast pace of today's technology driven lifestyle.

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