A Haunting S1

A Haunting S1 - EP6

Darkness Follows
49 Mins
Horror 恐怖画面;Supernatural Content 灵异题材

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jun 2015 Audio: English

There are some ties that cannot be broken – like the maternal bond between a mother and her daughter… and the psychic link between a killer and his victim. When Al and Kellie, and her six-year-old daughter Hailey, move into a newly renovated townhouse in Montreal, they know all about the tragedy of its former residents: A single mother and her teenage daughter were evicted from the building, prompting the young girl to commit suicide. In time, they discover that her suicide was not the end of the girl’s tragedy. Audio recordings lead them to believe that she has returned to her home… And someone else has followed her. As Al becomes obsessed with a decades-old murder mystery, Kellie realizes that an unhappy ghost is clinging to her like a new mother… and the spirit of a cold-hearted killer is trying to sever all of their family ties.

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