A Haunting S3

A Haunting S3 - EP10

The Dark Side
49 Mins
Horror 恐怖画面;Supernatural Content 灵异题材

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jun 2015 Audio: English

Across America, there are millions of rural cemeteries. Some are poorly marked and, with the passage of time, they can be easily forgotten.When Bobby Wilcott buys a historic manor house in Goshen, Indiana, he hopes the renovations will bring him and his wife closer together. But the place soon becomes a money pit, straining the relationship. Doors and windows will not stay shut, and the electricity seems to have a mind of its own. The couple tries to ignore irrational explanations… but Bobby begins to suspect that their home was built on the ruins of an old family cemetery. Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren fear that the couple has a much bigger problem than the spirits of the dead. A photo taken in the laundry room shows that there is a demonic presence inside the house, and it is feeding on their fear.

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