A Lonely Fish 寂寞鱼• 听见

A Lonely Fish 寂寞鱼• 听见 - EP2

24 Min
Disturbing Scenes 画面令人不适;

By Toggle Video Published: 08 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Jing Xuan wakes up to the news of her parents' passing and is also injured in the car accident. Unable to accept the fact, thinking that her wilfulness was the cause of her parents' death, Jing Xuan attempts suicide. She, however, manages to survive with the help of Yi Kai, who is a doctor at the hospital. Yi Kai comforts Jing Xuan and is there for her whenever she needs someone. Due to common topics, they become good friends. Yi Kai also helps Jing Xuan to step out of her comfort zone and play with children in the hospital. To express her gratitude, she makes a healthy lunchbox for Yi Kai. As time passes by, they develop feelings for each other. With the support of Yi Kai, Kora and Kora’s mother, Ann, Jing Xuan comes around and decides to move on and live her life. 3 weeks later, Jing Xuan is discharged from the hospital. Jing Xuan finds the last birthday gift her parents' got her while packing their belongings. Sobbing sadly, Jing Xuan puts on the necklace. Indistinctly, she begins hearing some weird sounds. The sounds come from nowhere and sends chills down Jing Xuan’s spine... 静萱醒来后得知父母在车祸中去世,自己也受了伤。静萱无法接受,认为是自己的任性害死了他们。静萱觉得没有活下去的意义,在医院天台想自杀,幸好被实习医生亦凯救了。亦凯陪在静萱的身边,两人聊得来,也有共同的话题,建立了特别的关系。亦凯还让静萱踏出自己的舒适圈,在医院和小朋友玩耍。静萱还做了营养午餐给亦凯,感谢他。静萱和亦凯也渐渐对彼此产生好感,让静萱有活下去的勇气。静萱有了亦凯,Kora、Kora母亲Ann的支持和陪伴,最后想通了,决定要好好活下去。三个星期后,静萱出院,在家里整理父母的遗物,发现了他们送给她的最后一份生日礼物。静萱很伤心,边哭泣边戴上了项链,之后便听到了奇怪的声音。声音不知道从哪里来,而且很模糊,让静萱感到很害怕...

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