A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万

A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万 - EP5

46 Mins
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

Jiao Fen knows that Zi Cheng has been retrenched. She comforts him and feels that he will be able to find a job soon. As she believes her house is haunted, Yu Ai appears at Zi Cheng's house in the middle of the night looking flustered. She requests to stay there temporarily. Zi Cheng is in a dilemma, and colludes with Tong Ren to pretend to exorcise Yu Ai's house. The plan backfires and Yu Ai is even more convinced that her house is haunted. 娇芬知道自成被裁,安慰自成,认为他很快就能找到工作。玉爱因为家中闹鬼,惊慌失措地连夜跑到自成家,要在这里暂住。自成很伤脑筋,便串通同仁,让他到玉爱家假装捉鬼。谁知弄巧反拙,导致玉爱更以为家中有鬼!

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