A Sweet Taste of Art 甜味。艺术

A Sweet Taste of Art 甜味。艺术 - EP3

44 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 30 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Thai people follow the most traditional craftsmanship to create their desserts and this craftsmanship can be meticulously found in every dessert. Many Thai desserts contain craftsmanship from the ancient Thai royalty and the Thai people relay their blessings through all forms of colourful desserts. 泰国人遵循最传统的工艺制作甜点,制作甜点的功力表现在一丝不苟的每道工艺之中。不少泰国甜点蕴藏着泰国古代皇宫甜点制作艺术。在泰国百姓的生活里,人们将美好的祝愿寄托在形形色色,色彩斑斓的甜点上。

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