After Love

After Love - EP8

20 Min
Sexual References 性相关语;

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Jun 2019 Audio: English

Ryan appeals to Skylar to tend to Derek’s heart and to bring him out of his self-imposed darkness. He reveals that Skylar is his muse and he can’t make contact with anyone else. The only who can see him is Skylar. And Ryan has no other way to reach out to Derek. Skylar agrees and tries to meet Derek constantly. Although she’s more of an annoyance than help, she’s tenacious enough to stick around Derek constantly that he has no choice but to spend time with her. Skylar observes Derek with Deen, which makes Derek endearing in her eyes. Skylar ends up spending more time with Deen as well. Soon, Derek and Skylar become good friends and Derek starts laughing despite his gloomy heart. Meanwhile Skylar is also spending time with Ryan and falling more in love. Deen casually mentions that his father used to come to Skylar’s hospital regularly. This little information prompts Derek to think that Skylar is connected in some way to Ryan and the taxi driver - both the people who died in the accident. Derek snoops around and finds out that Skylar was on duty the night that Ryan died. And that she was in charge of his case.

After Love
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