After the Stars 攻星计 (TIF)

After the Stars 攻星计 (TIF) - EP5

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

Le Jun specifically points out that he wants Zhen Mei to be his Talent manager, Zhen Mei is puzzled. It turns out that the two were lovers 10 years ago and broke up over a misunderstanding, Le Jun was unhappy that Zhen Mei lied and goes overseas. Due to miscommunications, Zhen Mei causes Le Jun to lose his desired job. Le Jun is furious and criticises Zhen Mei in front of the other colleagues. 乐军指定要甄美当他的经纪人,甄美不解。原来两人10年前曾是恋人,后因误会而分手,乐军不满甄美欺骗,远赴国外。甄美因沟通出现问题,再次使乐军失去了心仪的工作。乐军愤怒,在众同事面前向甄美兴师问罪。

After the Stars 攻星计 (TIF)
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