All About My Mom 拜托了,妈妈 (Dual Sound)

All About My Mom 拜托了,妈妈 (Dual Sound) - EP30

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 05 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yingshan shows up before Shanyu and Dongchu and introduces herself as Xuncai's mother. Later on, Yingshan is displeased when she sees the room that Xuncai is staying in. She is even more upset to hear that Xuncai is being treated as a repairman sometimes. 英善突然出现在小菜店,介绍自己为勋才的母亲,说要看勋才的房间。东出和珊玉吓一跳。英善看到李家的居住环境,觉得很委屈勋才,过后听说勋才帮忙修理很多东西也觉得很不满。

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