All About My Mom 拜托了,妈妈 (Dual Sound)

All About My Mom 拜托了,妈妈 (Dual Sound) - EP31

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 08 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhexiong is impressed by Hengshun when he takes care of the ill Caili. The next day however, Zhexiong blows his top when he discovers the relationship between Caili and Hengshun. Zhexiong disapproves of their relationship and fires Hengshun. 采莉身体不适,亨顺亲自煮粥给采莉,还为哲雄准备晚餐,哲雄对他很满意。岂料,隔天一早,哲雄发现亨顺和采莉牵着手,终于发现他们的关系。哲雄认定亨顺只是想玩弄富家千金,反对他们交往,同时开除亨顺。

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