All New Jackie Chan Adventures S1 新成龙历险记 1

All New Jackie Chan Adventures S1 新成龙历险记 1 - EP47

Ep47 and Ep48
23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Professor Chaos is a villain who creates capsule monsters out of children's bad habits and uses them to turn dreams into nightmares. The brave, smart and kind guardians of J-Team, Jackie, Amy and Duangduang, must stand up against Professor Chaos and his evil plan by stopping all his evil creations and protect children from the nightmares ! 这部动画聚焦孩子们的梦境世界,主角有梦护使者Jackie、小美和一只名叫Duangduang的羊驼,反派叫乱来教授,为了从噩梦中摄取能量,乱来教授搜集每个孩子的生活资料,在他们睡着后,把困扰变成怪物胶囊输送到孩子门的美梦中,把美梦变成噩梦,但幸好每次梦境守护者J-Team都会及时赶到,打败怪物。

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