Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound)

Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound) - EP10

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 08 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Chairman Nan explains to Zhongji that he intends to forgive his betrayal. Zhongji expresses that he will play his part as Nanxin's father-in-law in future. In actual fact, Zhongji has not let the issue go. He asks Xiaofeng about her seeing two Nanxins lately and sends a killer to continue tracking down Nanxin. 南会长与钟吉说明自己有意放过他背叛的事,钟吉也表示以后会安份地做好南信的丈人;但他实际上仍然不甘心,还向小凤打听之前看到两个南信的事,还派杀手继续追查南信的事情。

Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound)
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