Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound)

Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound) - EP11

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 09 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Lula looks for Chairman Nan and agrees to be the new team leader for the autonomous cars project. This caught Zhongji,who intends to nominate his own people as the team leader, off-guard much to Chairman Nan’s glee.Xiaofeng unexpectedly overhears Lula and Yongxun talking about Nanxin III's death switch when she looks for Nanxin III to discuss about her resignation. 露拉去找南会长答应他担任无人驾驶汽车新任组长之事,让原本准备推荐他的人做组长的钟吉措手不及,让南会长感到高兴。小凤去找南信3号谈辞职的事时,却无意间听到露拉和永勋说起南信3号死亡开关的事情。

Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound)
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