Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound)

Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound) - EP9

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 08 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

When Yongxun learns Yina has already found out Nanxin III's identity, he has no choice but to bring Yina to where the human Nanxin is hiding. Lula tells her the truth that Zhongji has sent someone to assassinate Nanxin. Yina looks at Nanxin on the bed and cries. In her heart, Nanxin is even more important than herself. 当永勋知艺娜已发现南信3号的身份后,只好把艺娜带到人类南信藏身的秘密住址。露拉把钟吉派人杀害南信的真相都告诉了她。艺娜看到病床上的南信,伤心地哭起来,在她心里,南信比她自己更重要。

Are You Human 你也是人类吗? (Dual Sound)
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