Art Odyssey S2 美术探险队 2

Art Odyssey S2 美术探险队 2 - EP25

Ep25 and Ep26 (Finale)
24 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Grey, the villain from the world of magic, goes around the world, changing masterpieces as he wishes. Jinny, the girl magician, and Toto, her assistant, follow him to the human world to catch him. Jinny has a hard time solving the cases with little knowledge in art. However, she succeeds in restoring the art pieces with the help of Danny who loves art. Jinny, Danny and Toto team up and their adventure to capture Grey begins. 从魔法世界逃出来的坏蛋格雷,踏上了嚣张的艺术品破坏之路。为了逮捕他,小魔法师金妮和她的助手小猫托托从魔法世界来到人类世界。但是,在追捕的过程中,不懂艺术品的金妮有些毫无头绪,好在她得到了热爱艺术的男孩丹尼的帮助。他们成功地将格雷毁坏的艺术品一一恢复原样。

Art Odyssey S2 美术探险队 2
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