Arts Guide 艺术全攻略

Arts Guide 艺术全攻略 - EP1

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

The topic is Western painting. A sand artist presents a story through sand art. Hosts talk to art lecturers to understand various schools of Western painting and mural artist on mural creation. A visit to the ArtScience Museum to experience art installation which combines painting with technology. 这集的主题是西方绘画。主持人请来沙画师,让他以沙画的形式呈现一段故事。他们也找了艺术学院讲师介绍西方绘画流派。主持人还拜访壁画家,了解壁画创作。最后走访艺术科学博物馆,体验结合了绘画与科技的艺术装置。

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