Arts Guide 艺术全攻略

Arts Guide 艺术全攻略 - EP5

23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

The topic is Chinese dance. Experts use paper circuit to create and present the story of Chinese dance history ! Experts to share the basic knowledge of Chinese dance. Hosts also visit the lion dance coach to learn about this traditional Chinese folk dance. The hosts demonstrate how to make DIY fans.第五集的主题是华族舞蹈。专家将用纸质电路来创作,展示出华族舞蹈的历史故事!接着,主持人邀请专家分享华族舞蹈的基本资讯。他们也拜访舞狮教练,认识这项传统的汉族民间舞蹈。最后,主持人会教导如何制作扇子。

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