Babies on Board 新生

Babies on Board 新生 - EP6

45 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Channel 8 Published: 14 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Shi Yun lies to Zhi Hui about Xin Yue, telling him she is only a friend who needs to stay over for a few days. Shi Yun requests Xin Yue to hide the truth from Zhi Hui. Xin Yue is shocked Zhi Hui is being kept in the dark about the surrogacy. Xin Yue thanks Zhi Hui for saving her ex - boyfriend, Ray, before. Zhi Hui also requests Xin Yue to hide the matter from Shi Yun. Xin Yue is shocked that the couple has so many secrets between them. When Zhi Hui notices Shi Yun becoming frantic over Xin Yue, he starts to suspect Xin Yue's real identity.诗韵对智辉谎称心悦是她的朋友,要暂时住在他们家。诗韵要求心悦对智辉隐瞒代孕的事,心悦惊讶智辉原来被蒙在鼓里。心悦为智辉曾经救Ray的事向他道谢,智辉也要求她对诗韵隐瞒此事,心悦奇怪他们夫妻间有着许多秘密。智辉见诗韵很紧张心悦,开始怀疑心悦的身份…

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