Babies on Board 新生

Babies on Board 新生 - EP8

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 16 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Xin Yue successfully conceives. Shi Yun is ecstatic and tells Zhi Hui to expect a baby. Rong Xuan has a poor appetite after her transplant. Xin Yue requests for Zhi Hui to cook a dish Ray used to cook for Rong Xuan to encourage her to eat. Xin Yue helps Zhi Hui prepare the dish, but she accidentally spills oil onto the floor, causing Shi Yun to almost fall.心悦成功怀孕,诗韵高兴不已,与智辉期待孩子的来临。蓉萱做了骨髓移植后,胃口不佳。心悦要求智辉煮一道以前Ray常煮给蓉萱吃的料理,以刺激她的胃口。心悦和智辉一起准备时,心悦不小心把油溅在地上,害得诗韵差点跌倒,智辉气结。

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