Band of Sisters 姐姐还活着 (Dual Sound)

Band of Sisters 姐姐还活着 (Dual Sound) - EP42

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 15 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Daxi threatens Guihua to arrange for Shijun to marry her quickly or she will expose Junzi’s real cause of death. Guihua sends her men to ransack Daxi’s home and delete the CCTV footage in her laptop. Unexpectedly, Daxi sends a copy of the recording to Shijun. 达熙拿具家闭路电视的视频威胁桂华,要她安排她尽快跟世俊结婚,否则就揭发君子的真正死因。桂华找人到达熙家把她储存在电脑里的视频删除,但达熙却把手机里的备份发给世俊。世俊发现桂华害死他敬爱的君子,想跟桂华同归于尽。

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