Band of Sisters 姐姐还活着 (Dual Sound)

Band of Sisters 姐姐还活着 (Dual Sound) - EP74

Finale 大结局
47 Min

By Channel U Published: 07 May 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Guihua and Daxi fight with each other on their way to the police station. Daxi’s eyes are injured during the scuffle while Guihua falls down a flight of stairs. 6 years later, Daxi is completely blind while Guihua has become mentally-disturbed. 桂华和达熙在被押送到警局的途中自相残杀,达熙的眼睛被灼伤,桂华则因为滚下楼梯撞到头,昏迷。六年后,达熙已经完全失明了,而桂华则神经失常。

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