Bantal Buruk Saloma

Bantal Buruk Saloma - EP1

44 Mins

By Suria Published: 15 May 2018 Audio: Malay

Saloma goes to live with Suraya and Rafi. Saloma is reluctant with living with her new foster parents and this results in problems with Suraya. Rafi’s parents don’t approve of her fostering. Saloma is down and shares her feelings with fellow foster child, Adil, when they meet at the free madrasah classes on weekends. Meanwhile, Suraya gets to know Zaid and Rahmah are also both fostering and Rahmah offers advice to new foster parent, Suraya. However, Rahmah and Zaid also have their problems. It begins when Hanis is told her father is already out of prison…

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