Bantal Buruk Saloma

Bantal Buruk Saloma - EP4

45 Mins

By Suria Published: 05 Jun 2018 Audio: Malay

Suraya is sad and feels a little lost after hearing Rafi's mother accuse her of being a bad parent. Saloma sees this and slowly, she learns about Alyssa, Suraya's deceased daughter. Through this revelation, Saloma and Suraya connect because they are both missing someone. One night, in preparation for Aidilfitri, Suraya makes Bantal Peluk Saloma and Saloma begins to take interest in it and joins Suraya. This activity eventually connects them. Suraya teases Saloma, saying that her ‘Bantal Peluk Saloma’ looks wonky and calls it ‘Bantal Buruk Saloma’ instead. Meanwhile, Adil, who has been mistreating Lutfi, begins to change when he sees how kind Lutfi is. However, as the two of them begin to bond, Lutfi's health takes a turn for the worse and he is rushed to hospital…

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