Bantal Buruk Saloma

Bantal Buruk Saloma - EP5

43 Mins

By Suria Published: 12 Jun 2018 Audio: Malay

Lutfi is getting treatment but he could not be saved. Soon, Lutfi passes on and leaves Zaid and Rahmah utterly distraught. Zaid blames himself and becomes a changed man, leaving Rahmah and the kids baffled by his new behaviour. Meanwhile, Rafi and Suraya start to argue as to whether they should let Saloma meet with her mother since they are worried she might find out about Saloma's mother's condition. This leads to them falling out when Suraya insists Saloma should visit her mom. Saloma brings her ‘Bantal Buruk Saloma’ for her mom. Saloma’s mother thanks Suraya and Rafi for taking such good care of Saloma. Just as Saloma is connecting with her mom, Saloma’s mom passes away, leaving Saloma broken and distraught…

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